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Coming Summer 2017:  The Poop plus Pod

Poop+PODs - pods filled with Mary's Alpaca Poop + formulation. Specially composted and blended.  Packaged in a biodegradable film that dissolves in water.   Poop+ contains 2 additional ingredients (Yucca & Fungi) for container plants and new planting. It stimulates root growth and the uptake of nutrition while enhancing the soil itself

Fellow Gardeners! This product is an 100% organic all-natural alternative to chemicals that turn colors and disappear. Your plants will thank you for feeding them real plant food instead of chemicals.

I drop a Poop+POD into my watering-can and let it dissolve. Stir after a few minutes. When you see a residue on the top of the water - it’s fully hydrated and ready for your plants!
— Mary Forte 305-803-1444