Best Plant Fertilizer

100% Organic. For all your plants and the soil they live in.


Best Plant Fertilizer

100% Organic. For all your plants and the soil they live in.


Why is Poop+ The Best?

When you think of your plants as Leafy Pets, you realize that they have to eat too!
  • Efficient: Water and feed your plants in one clean, easy-to-use application. 
  • OrganicAlpaca manure is proven to be the best organic fertilizer. Poop+ is OMRI Listed.
  • Clean: 100% free of parasites, weed seeds, and harmful pathogens found in raw manure.
  • Odorless: Clean, no mess, no smell. Won’t attract insects or pests. 
  • Effective: Plant vitality is robust, growth spectacular, and blooms prolific and long-lasting.
  • Preventative: Plants are disease-resistant. Everyone is a pro with Mary’s Poop.
  • Easy: Prevent over/under-feeding or watering. Forget past failures.
  • Balanced: macro/micronutrients. All the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium/potash needed (roughly 2:3:2 N-P-K). Teeming with beneficial microorganisms.
  • Safe: Absolutely safe for kids and pets. More than just convenient; it’s made for your home.
  • Plus: Mycorrhizal fungi and Yucca to create Poop+ the best tea fertilizer for all your plants.
  • Patent Pending Formulation replicates the "Soil Web of Life"
  • Expect more Vibrant colors,  Greener plants,  Bigger leaves & blooms, I guarantee it!

Poop+ Promise

We can depend upon the alpacas. You can depend upon us. Together we’re the dream team of plant food.

Poop+ Promise

We can depend upon the alpacas. You can depend upon us. Together we’re the dream team of plant food.


Hugh Perry, Horticulturist

"Nothing balances nutrition like nature does."

"I use Mary's Alpaca Poop at home. I never expected such results from one product. Organic fertilizer is like a good home-cooked meal. All the key nutrients in the right proportions. This builds good soil structure and stronger, healthier plants that appear to have a desire to bloom much more often. I won't use chemical fertilizers. It's the same as eating a power bar before an athletic event – a quick jolt of energy, but plant health suffers from repeated use.

You can't thrive on power bars and plants can't thrive on chemical fertilizers. Mary's Alpaca Poop is rich in organics and micro nutrients for a completely balanced meal that is immediately available.

...I find it a bother to mix liquid fertilizers, equally a pain to 'rough' up the soil before adding dry fertilizer which is often lost to the air if not immediately worked into the soil, ending up as air pollution inside your home. I always enjoy making tea however, and brewing my Alpaca Poop is a pleasant process. It takes only minutes and feeding and watering at the same time is so easy.

It's especially rewarding to watch my plants respond to their weekly diet of Mary's Poop...they love it and it shows!"

AfricanViolet Blue Dragon.jpg

"My violet blooms all the time...It's so simple. I just feed as I water… my plants are thriving, and I feel great that the Poop+ is Organic.” Anna B.

“Another Blue ribbon veggie entry at the Upperville Garden Club! Sweet, tasty and delicious. Tons of blooms too! I use Poop+ to plant the vines in a raised flower box. Then water weekly with the Poop+ plant food. The rain takes care of additional watering.  Mary F. (me)

Carol B Gardenia

“…It's amazing. This gardenia has NEVER had so many flowers.  Hundreds and they re-bloomed too.  I've bought Poop+ gifts for my friends...It's a fun name... but Oh my gosh...It really works. Carol B.


“I was a killer of any and all house plants. I didn’t understand that regular nutrition was better than forcing some chemicals on them every couple of months. This begonia is 15 years old. I am seeing huge improvements in root structures. And my hands aren’t blue anymore!” -Melanie A.

“… Around our house, my store-bought orchids were called ‘monthlies’ because that’s how long they lived… Not anymore.  The Poop diet keeps them green.  This mini started a magnificent double bloom to everyone’s amazement.” -Wiley G.

“My husband had a Christmas cactus that his mom gave him 30 years ago. I have NEVER seen it bloom until this year when I used Poop+ on it…had no idea that it could bloom, really. I highly recommend it” -Diane H.